Thanks for checking out my site!

What to know about me...

I've been studying the arts since I was very young What started out as coloring in coloring books (I didn't always color in the lines),

led to drawing on construction paper and then painting with water color and acrylic. I also really enjoyed plain pen an pencil drawings

Later when I got my first PC, I quickly learned how to us MS Paint and eventually Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop

It went from on from there

I've always been rather crafty and like to try new things. I did 4H for four years and really got into wood working as more than just a hobby

Yet the future came and I jumped the PC bandwagon

When I graduated high school, I took a gap year and eventually started at my first Community College, Cincinnati State Technical & CC

After about a year there, I left to further my education at OSU, where I graduated with a Bachelors of Art

I've since then graduated from Columbus State Community College, with an Architectural Certification

and will graduate there again with two Associate degrees - Software Development and Web Development

I don't think i'm done however, I do plan on pursuing a masters at some point in time


I have a few hobbies, other than creative arts

I play video games both for PC and PlayStation 4

I enjoy a good book (scifi or fantasy mostly) and a good play

I have 4 pets - 2 Dogs and 2 Cats - Rocco,Axle, GG and Sassy

I also enjoy hiking during the summer (I take my dogs to a local trail whenever possible) and I travel when I can