Project Red Bead

Current as of 09 - 01 - 18

This is a current project I am working on for my Capstone Experience at Columbus State Community College

I am the Project Lead of a small group of 5 (including myself).

Included in my responsibilities are the marketing materials as well as website design.

The name "Red Bead" has a story of how it was named which you can read below.

Red Bead History

In the early 90s there was a small health and wellness movement. Yoga and meditation were starting to become a popularized ideology. A private investor who wishes to remain anonymous bought into the movement and wanted to invest a small fortune to create a company that connected people with the movement. The investor also happened to be a boat aficionado. The company decided to take that small fortune and buy a boat. Not just any boat but a small cruise vessel.

They named it and their company The Red Bead.

The Red Bead is named after a special bead on sacred bracelet the investor was gifted by monks while studying meditation in the Himalayas. The Red Bead was formally founded in the year 1990 with the primary mission to bring people together from all walks of life to help them overcome their barriers and achieve their goals. We bring together the best people with the cutting edge techniques in therapy, health services and life goal achievement.

Our first year was a major failure. We were the right market but at the wrong time. We had meager sales and interest in our services. We didn’t know our market. We created some focus groups and consulted leaders in the fields of health & wellness and set our sails in a new direction. We bounced back in our next year with our first cruise. While not achieving our sales goals, we did lead a successful and healthy cruise.

The following years we have seen an exponential growth. Each year has been more successful and more rewarding than the last. We continue to help people achieve their goals and overcome their obstacles each and every sunrise.

Logo Design

Below is my current logo study.

Our instructor said "Be Creative" when starting this project. I started with the simple idea of a red cirlce and went with it.

The problem I currently face is the logo itself doesn't say anything about health and wellness, it only is a literal represenation of the story and name.

I started experiementing with different designs after the initial circles. However, these are more illustrations then logos.

Logo Mockup

Final Logo Design

Final Logo

Website Design

This is the current landing page of the website. It features a Paralax/Hero Text welcome followed by a brief, four point description overfview of the company services.

A standard Footer with a contact form will appear on each customer side page.

Website Mockup