PC Engineers

PC Engineers is a small MEP engineering firm I currently work for.

We needed a new website design since the last design was fairly dated.

It looked like it was from the early 2000s.

Researching competitors websites allowed me a fair understanding of what the content should be.

Most were somewhat outdated as well, so I decided on a more contemporary design.

Since this is a Columbus, Ohio grown business, I used a shot of the downtown area for the landing page.

PC Engineers

High Smiles

They are actually the dentist I goto. There website is fairly out of date so I decided to give it a redesign for practice.

I haven't been brave enough to ask them if they like it. Oh well, good practice regardless.

I chose a redbrick background since they are in the heart of Clintonville, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio

The area is known for their red brick building faces. (not the only area in Columbus).

They also have unfinished red brick walls on the inside.

High Smiles

Whack - A - Genji

This is my very first Javascript/jQuery project I did for a class.

It's kinda a running gag meme. Genji, a character from the game Overwatch

He is a super mobile character that bounces around a lot.

So I though a perfect skin for my whack-a-mole game would be him.


Mileage Tracker App

This is my very first PHP project I did for a class.

It's pretty simple to use with some decent functionality.

You can add, edit and remove trips to the table and then print the data or export it to a csv file.

The hours and miles are totaled automatically.

Mileage Tracker App